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The Catalyst To Your Project's Future


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+ Challenge

Barco Products has been "transforming outdoor spaces" Barco Products’ mission since 1985. Across the nation - from parks, to school yards, to facilities everywhere – Their functional commercial site furnishings bring life to barren spaces.

Barco had concerns with their online experience not converting. Home page being very busy and confusing. High volumes of customer service calls due to issues on the site when ordering. Check-out/cart flow being convoluted. Issues with email marketing not being consistent and taking too much time to complete.

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+ Solution

We redesigned the home page to have less and deliver more. Defining the information architecture allowed for Dvelopt to create primary noun architecture which ultimately led to the primary noun/tasks to be defined and given their own focus. Giving each objective it's own focus of importance allows the user to visit the site and easily consume each section separately to make a decision defined by stake holders and the business goals.

For email marketing we developed a repository with documentation for an email system that allowed share holders to access and determine what they wanted. They could choose a template or build their own email with widgets based on needs. They then create a ticket with info they want in the email and submit it for production.

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+ Results

The click through rates nearly doubled. Use of search bar decreased while conversions from home page to product detail pages increased. Average order value also rose by personalization efforts on detail pages.

They were able to increase the amount of emails sent out while decreasing the time to create, test, and distribute to their audience. This initiative increased open rates, click conversions, drove traffic to the site and sales on site.


The Catalyst To Your Project's Future


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