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The Catalyst To Your Project's Future


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+ Challenge

Slaten Construction first approached us to develop a website. After our requirement gathering meeting, we determined there were pain points in their brand that would hinder them from maximizing on their online experience.

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+ Solution

Dvelopt created a brand with a wordmark that stood on its own and represented the years of hard work and experiences the founders of the company wanted to convey. Working With Our C.O.R.E workshops and Customer Experience Journey mapping we developed content, drivers, and value propositions.

Along with branded collateral including business cards, sell sheets, banners, etc., We then created an online experience to build brand recognition, showcase work, post job listings, bid opportunities, and a document resource center.

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+ Results

Within weeks of launch, new clients were being acquired through the experience they had on the website.

The sell sheets continue to drive new clients to the site.

Sub Contractors and vendors are able to access the files they need from any device.


The Catalyst To Your Project's Future


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