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The Catalyst To Your Project's Future


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+ Challenge

Treetop Products the parent company to a handful of niche sites including picnictables.com, trashcontainers.com, informationcenters.com, thebenchfactory.com, parkitbikeracks.com, and speedbumpsandhumps.com had concern with each site looking drastically different and users being confused on use of the sites.

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+ Solution

Create a unified logo/brand, a seamless experience between the niche sites and parent site. Maintain the same markup and only change styles... A pretty tall order. Dvelopt's expertise in usability heuristics allowed us to make changes to improve the overall experience, decrease drop off in checkout flow by simplifying steps, and revamp information architecture to decrease search bar necessity.

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+ Results

With personalization efforts and creating a more readible and digestable experience, conversions rose, average order value went up, time on site increased, drop-offs decreased, and calls to customer service for orders decreased as orders online increased due to customers being able to pick their products and complete transactions with ease.


The Catalyst To Your Project's Future


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